Naples, 5 July 2018 – Association Save the Artistic Heritage – non-profit organization for the promotion and valorization of the Italian historical artistic heritage – exhibited for the first time at the Gallerie d’Italia – Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano, museum of Intesa Sanpaolo in Naples, the digital reproduction of the painting “Herodias Brings the Head of St. John the Baptist to Salome” by Bernardino Luini next to the famous work by Leonardo da Vinci, “La Scapiliata”, from the Monumental Complex of Pilotta of Parma.

“L’Ospite Illustre” at Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano in Naples, curated by Marco Carminati, is an unseen exhibition that compares two extraordinary masterpieces of the history of Italian art.

The “Head of a Woman” by Leonardo da Vinci, also known as La Scapiliata (on loan from the Pilotta of Parma) is compared to the DAW®(Digital ArtWork) of Salome by Berdardino Luini, whose original is preserved in the Uffizi Galleries in Florence.

The exhibition was an excellent occasion to admire the two masterpieces up close together and reflect the stylistic similarities of the two painters. In fact, the face of La Scapiliata is extremely similar to that of Luini’s Salome.

The dialogue between Leonardo’s and Luini’s masterpieces was made possible thanks to Luini’s work in the form of DAW®– Digital ArtWork, a digital copy reproduced in limited series, numbered and certified, in 1:1 scale and in all respect true to the original one, created by the company Cinello in agreement with the Uffizi Galleries using an innovative patented technology.


Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano, NAPOLI


From 06/07/2018
To 02/09/2018

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Bernardino Luini Salome Brings the Head of St. John the Baptist to Herodias
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1 January 1970

L’Ospite Illustre – Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano, Naples, 6/7/2018-2/9/2018