The DAW® of the Disheveled in exhibition in Pilotta of Parma

Save the Artistic Heritage presents the DAW® (limited digital edition) of the “Disheveled” by Leonardo da Vinci in the Permanent Collection of the National Gallery – Monumental Complex of Pilotta of Parma, replacing the original currently on loan at the exhibition “Leonardo da Vinci in Musée du Louvre” in Paris from 24 October 2019 to 24 February 2020.

One of the most enigmatic works by Leonardo, the small mysterious portrait is known to the public and scholars as La Scapiliata (circa 1508), for the “beautiful, loose hair” which “with the passage of time became an authentic artistic genre”. Even today, the work is surrounded by mystery, especially when it comes to its dating, origin and destination, and even though it appears to be a preparatory study, it has a complete appearance that suggests an independent work.

Currently on loan, the work is replaced for the first time ever by a DAW® – Digital ArtWork, a digital edition on a monitor, produced in a limited series, numbered and certified, in 1:1 scale and in all respects faithful to the original one, created by Cinello in agreement with the Monumental Complex of Pilotta, using an innovative patented technology.


Monumental complex of the Pilotta of Parma, Parma


From 24/10/2019
To 24/02/2020

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1 January 1970

The DAW® of The Disheveled by Leonardo da Vinci at the Monumental Complex of Pilotta in Parma, 24 Oct 2019 – 24 Feb 2020